Luxury Phone Meets Bentley For Vertu’s Newest, Ritzy Phone

The car tech that could eliminate speeding tickets- MSN Money

2015 The Hyundai Genesis is seen at the 2014 International Auto Show in Madrid, Spain © Emilio Naranjo/EPA

This is the second time Vertu has collaborated with an opulent car retailer. Beginning in 2005, the phone company partnered with Italian car maker Ferrari to produce two versions of the Vertu Ascent with a Ferrari twist. The cost for the specialty phone was $25,000. The first Vertu for Bentley phone will be released in October of this year. A price has not yet been made public, but Vertu’s last phone , the Signature Touch, cost a jaw-dropping $10,800 for a basic model.
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Adding an SUV might be the smartest move here since, if equipped like the intended sedan, will prove appealing to a wider scope of buyers. As much as Maybach was a failure at the top end, had Mercedes decided to spin off a sub-brand spinoff with the A-class cars at the bottom end, I truly believe that would have been an abject failure as well. Already using MB GL platform and engine. Low marketing startup costs.
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2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class | Automotive – WCVB Home

The engine fires to life with a delicious burble, and while trundling around town it provided instant speed whenever called upon, accompanied by a throaty yet refined roar that will bring a grin to the face of any auto enthusiast. It’s mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission and, in my tester, 4Matic all-wheel drive. The seven-speed is well-matched to this engine, never hunting for the right gear and delivering smooth, jolt-free shifts up and down the range of gears. Pressing the button to put the car into Sport mode will keep the transmission in a lower gear, resulting in even more immediacy to the power delivery.
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Bonehead Or Brilliant? $1 Million Maybach To Be Followed By Super Luxury SUV – AutoSpies Auto News

In fact, theres a good argument to be made that this is a misuse of technology that will actually make roads more dangerous as it helps drivers speed more without the fear of getting busted holding them back. On the other hand, roadside cameras are almost universally hated by drivers, so the technology is bound to be adopted wherever its legal. Whats more, driver groups like to highlight statistics indicating that cameras installed to catch speeders, people who roll through STOP signs, and such can themselves cause accidents. How? Basically because when drivers see the cameras at the last minute, they tend to slam on the brakes, increasing the chances of rear-end collisions.
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