Sarasota Seeing Luxury Car Sales In High Gear

High-luxury cars bring the chauffeur back in fashion

High-luxury cars bring the chauffeur back in fashion

Lamborghini, a half a million-dollar vehicle made to order, is seeing a market here too. Car salesmen say the better they do is a sign the economy is doing better too. “A lot has to do with real estate market. They’re not as nervous anymore with their money,” says Kacprzyk.
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Car rental agency expands ‘exotic cars’ group

The Toyota, with a 28 MPG combined rating would come in at $1,950. That’s an extra $450 in your gas budget each year. Insurance — First-time luxury car buyers are sometimes startled at their bill to insure that car. Following our example, gives the following comparison for the two cars being insured in Northern California. For an age 40 married man or woman, the monthly insurance bill would be $173 for the Mercedes and $130 a month for the Toyota Camry.
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Debt Penalty: The Top 10 Abandoned Luxury Cars Of The UAE

There are reports that the European … Ecclestone should have quit F1 already Briatore May 24 (GMM/ Flavio Briatore thinks Bernie Ecclestone’s days in charge of F1 are numbered. Embroiled in a … Ferrari must consider UK base Briatore May 24 (GMM/ Ferrari should consider adding a UK base, according to former F1 team boss Flavio Briatore. The …
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Thinking of buying your first luxury car? – CBS News

On the bright side, the accumulating layers of dust, dirt and desert grime are gradually conspiring to conceal the car’s retina-scorching paint job. (abandoned luxury car image via The Supercar Kids ) 4) Stranded Of The World Is that Justin Bieber’s entourage cruising machine? Perhaps, assuming we can see into the near future. This pimped-out Caddy may not be a supercar per se, but it’s been left locked and loaded all the same. You might think the owner had some sense of consideration having left the vehicle in a covered airport parking lot.
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For car rental customers who want more verve in their life, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is expanding its network of car rental lots that offer exotic sports cars and expensive imported sedans. It’s called the Exotic Car Collection with 16 locations. The new ones are slated for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport; Dallas, near Love Field Airport; and San Jose, Calif. “We continue to expand to locations where customers are seeking premium vehicles,” said Steve Short, vice president at Enterprise, in a statement.
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