Gm Is On Top Of Its Performance Game Right Now

Unplugged Performance Previews Tesla Model S Upgrades

Unplugged Performance Previews Tesla Model S Upgrades

Let’s start with the new Corvette Z06: S The Corvette is already getting rave reviews for it’s driving prowess and beautiful interior and exterior. People knew that a new Z06 was bound to come along, they just didn’t know how mad it was going to be. It uses active-aero for God’s sake! A new supercharged 6.2 engine code-named LT4 sits under the carbon-fiber hood making “at least 625 horsepower” and 635 ft/lbs of torque.
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From Tractors to Touring Cars: The Origin of Lamborghini

And Volvos new Flywheel KERS system does look promising. Volvo are currently running UK tests of a KERS flywheel system developed by Flybrid Automotive, which takes kinetic energy generated under braking and stores it in a flywheel fitted to the back axle. When the car moves off, the kinetic energy stored in the flywheel is either used to reduce the load on the engine which drives the front wheels or offers additional power, and four-wheel drive as the flywheel powers the back wheels, for extra performance. Volvo have fitted the KERS system to an S60 with the 254bhp T5 engine, which manages to get to 62mph 1.5 seconds quicker with the KERS system fitted thanks to the extra 80bhp from the flywheel.
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GM is on top of its performance game right now

The top-selling Fiesta model was given a marginal rating, as were the Kia Rio, Mazda 2 and Toyota Yaris. The cars rated poor were the Fiat 500, Mitsubishi Mirage, Nissan Versa saloon, Honda Fit, Toyota Prius C and the Hyundai Accent, although some of the cars tested are not sold in the UK. All the small cars tested were marked down for the performance of the vehicle structure, which does the most to protect the occupants in the event of an accident. The IIHS also noted that none of the vehicles tested had front collision mitigation, which intervenes in the likelihood of a crash and can dramatically reduce the impact.
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Volvo’s KERS system improves performance and cuts fuel use.

Photo Volvo S60 with KERS Flywheel

His swords-to-plowshares business model proved remarkably successful, and by the mid-1950s Lamborghini, who also built air conditioners and gas heaters at this point, was a wealthy man. He decided to use his newfound riches to indulge his lifelong interest in automobiles, purchasing a Ferrari , a Mercedes-Benz , an Alfa Romeo , and a variety of other performance cars. Lamborghinis auto-making career though began when the clutch on his Ferrari 250GT broke in the late 1950s. Tearing the car down, the former airplane mechanic discovered that the clutch was the same one he installed in his farm tractors.
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How safe is your car?

California-based Unplugged Performance has just previewed their upgraded bodykit for the extremely popular, all-electric Tesla Model S. Believed to be the first tuner offering visual upgrades for the Model S, the car Unplugged Performance has created is unquestionably unique. At the front, a new bumper can be fitted. Costing $995, the bumper is significantly more aggressive and features much sharper lines than the standard Model S.
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