Luxury Car Dealer Who Sent 400 Cars To India Using Fake Papers From Uae Arrested In Delhi

Joseph, 52, alias Abey John. Prasad said: The allegation in the FIR of the CBI case is that the said private person in connivance with officials of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and unknown others had imported luxury vehicles (cars) through Indian seaports violating pre- and post-import provisions and in this process, cheated and caused loss to the tune of Rs484 million (Dh28.5 million) to the Government of India in the matter of import duty. investigation A case had been earlier registered against the person at Palarivattom Police Station for using a fake passport. The case is under investigation. It is alleged that the fake passport, in another name, has gone missing and only photo copies of the initial pages are available, she said. Joseph is alleged to have ordered about 400 high-end cars for influential clients from used car dealers in the region and sent them through repatriated Indian workers.
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Luxury cars used to smuggle cigarettes

Thirty-eight foreign nationals were arrested during the month-long operation, Hawks provincial head Major General Dibero Molatjana said. Due to the security at the Beit Bridge port of entry, syndicates were now creating false compartments in luxury vehicles, instead of heavy-duty trucks, to avoid detection. “Our aim is to kill the criminal mind so that these syndicates do not design new ways to avoid detection,” Molatjana said. The illegal trade had cost the South African government over R5bn in taxes in 2012.
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Luxury car maker Aston Marin recalls over 17,000 sports vehicles

Malaysia Sun

The Warwickshire-based luxury car maker said the recall accounted for most of its sports cars built since late 2007. It follows the discovery that a Chinese sub-supplier was allegedly using counterfeit plastic material in part of the accelerator pedal. There are fears the pedal arm may break although there have been no reports of any accidents, the firm said. A spokesman said it would now bring manufacture of the pedal arm back to the UK.
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