30 Days Of The Mercedes Cla: What Is A Luxury Car Anymore, Anyway?

Luxury cars flunk new tougher crash test

Buick calls its cars “premium,” in part because GM has Cadillac. Mercedes thinks of its cars as luxury vehicles–a term Bentley reserves only for cars in its price class. By our yardstick, luxury vehicles come from brands with a history of selling expensive vehicles, even if they’re working their way down the ladder–while “premium” vehicles are working from the opposite vantage point. But they can also be vehicles priced at a substantial margin over the price of an average new car.
Full Article: http://www.thecarconnection.com/news/1087762_30-days-of-the-mercedes-cla-what-is-a-luxury-car-anymore-anyway

Marty Padgett

So the IIHS created the new tougher test which is known as the “small overlap” impact. “Nearly every new car performs well in other frontal crash tests conducted by the Institute and the federal government, but we still see more than 10,000 deaths in frontal crashes each year,” Institute president Adrian Lund said. In the new front crash test, the vehicle, traveling at a speed of 40 miles per hour, hits a barrier with just a quarter of the driver’s side bumper, concentrating the impact force in a small area and causing the vehicle to spin. About a quarter of the serious and fatal injuries seen each year are caused by “small overlap” impacts, according to the Institute.
Full Article: http://money.cnn.com/2012/08/14/autos/luxury-cars-crash-test/index.html

No Car Is the Same as Another. That’s Luxury: Porsche India MD


How do you define luxury at Porsche? In my mind, a luxury good is called a luxury good because it is built to lastit is passed on from generation to generation, it becomes an heirloom and this adds to its appeal. Two-thirds of all Porsche cars built thus far in the world are still on the road. We call this Car for Life.
Full Article: http://forbesindia.com/article/best-things-money-can-buy/no-car-is-the-same-as-another.-thats-luxury-porsche-india-md/36299/1


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